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The Greatest Love Story, Ever!

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

T’was a cold dark Friday in history One shrouded in deep mystery As divinity clothed in humanity Took a path that seemed like insanity Evil around Him danced and pranced As up Golgotha’s hill, He slowly advanced the cross on His shoulders though heavy, seemed light Compared with sin of the world He bore that night, Placed upon Him by none other Than His very own beloved Father At first glance, seemed an act of wickedness How could the innocent be slain for the guilty? A closer look reveals an act of loving-kindness Done to wash the stains from the filthy The Father could not bear to save one Son and lose all the others So He sent His beloved to die for His would-be brothers

But that day the sinful tormented their Saviour They taunted and mocked Him, in shameful behaviour They drove mighty nails right through His hands and His screams echoed all across the land The cat-o-nine tails ripped the flesh from His bones It stung more than a beating with stones For with every one of the 39 lashes His skin was marred by bloody gashes The spear to His side drew water and blood Gushing out like a raging flood And they crowned it all with thorns on His head When they should have worshipped him instead Yet he begged their heinous crimes the Father forgive Such mercy no human mind can ever conceive He must have been in painful torment But nothing compared to that dreadful moment When the Father turned away, and let His son be, “My God, My God why have you forsaken me?” He cried out in agony and despair As the bridge between man and God was repaired Then breathed His last after He said “It is finished.” And the power of that moment has never diminished:

Sickness was finished when he bore the stripes Sin was finished when he shed his blood Death was finished when he gave up his life But defeat became history when he won the victory In the most glorious moment of all Sunday morning in Satan’s stall The prince of darkness had gloated for two days Priding himself on his devilish ways When suddenly he heard a loud rumble and watched in shock as the gravestones crumbled Alas he could only stare in dismay As angels rolled the tombstone away And when the King of Kings arose and emerged from the grave The defeated devil pulled out his own hairs, screaming, “Nooooooo, he’s alive?!” At that very moment the host in that heavenly place Thundered the same words through time and space With Joy unspeakable and full of glory: He’s alive, He’s alive, Jesus is alive!

Alive and well the Son of God is right now: Seated in majesty beside His Father Awaiting the day He claims his bride And brings her to dwell forever at his side What tale of love can compare with this one? That a God would give up His beloved Son? Divinity besotted with humanity And not a tall-tale, but a joyous reality: The indelible act at Calvary, An incredible feat of bravery, An incomprehensible show of love, By the indescribable God up above That astoundingly selfless sacrifice Was a non-refundable bride price Paid-in-advance, paid-in-full And he gladly paid-it-all for YOU!

– – – – –

Can you imagine the Son of God, on His knee His hand outstretched to you saying “Will you marry me?” And he’s not offering a 6-carat diamond in a little black box No, far better, he’s offering eternity in a place where the streets are made of gold There’s unending joy and peace and love, No sorrow, no sickness, and nobody ever grows old! 🙂 If I were you, my answer would be an absolute “YES, I WILL!” And if that’s your answer then someday I’ll see YOU at THE REAL ROYAL WEDDING!!!

A Very #HappyEaster to You and Yours!

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