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Winner: A Divine Romance wins TWO International Book Awards 2023

Four years ago, I got a little idea for a novel. Four months ago, that little idea became my first published novel. Four days ago that debut novel became an award-winning novel. I'm stunned to officially be an award-winning novelist, of not one, but two of American Book Fest's International Book Awards 2023. (Somebody pinch me!)

The story: American Book Fest runs three annual book awards: International Book Awards, American Fiction Awards, & Best Book Awards. Past award winners include icons like Julie Andrews, Anne Geddes, Vanessa Williams, Pope Francis, Dr. Bruce Lipton and Kitty Kelley, to name a few. The International Book Awards (IBA) is open to both fiction and nonfiction books whether traditionally or independently published in the U.S.. This year, IBA had 25 FICTION categories. Amazingly, mine is one of only two novels that each won TWO different FICTION categories.

A Divine Romance won these categories:

  1. Fiction: Religious

  2. Best Cover Design: Fiction

All of this year's award winners are featured in the IBA 2023 PRESS RELEASE. Be sure to check it out.

Fun Facts: Not only is A Divine Romance my first novel, and my first publication as the indie publisher, InspiroLogos Publishing, I literally had to teach myself Adobe Photoshop & Indesign in under two weeks to design the book cover! (It took many more weeks of international video calls from US to my family in Nigeria & my friends in the UK to get me to the final version). So to win awards not just for the 115,000-word story itself but also the book cover is beyond gratifying! (If you need help designing your book cover, well, you know who to call!)

I am immensely grateful to American Book Fest for bestowing double award honors on my debut novel! I'm honored and humbled to be in such amazing award-winning company. I'm also grateful to everyone who believed in me and supported me along the way.

Hey, it only took going through one global pandemic, two continents, three life-threatening hospitalizations, four manuscript versions, four years, and 15 residences to get me from aspiring novelist to award-winning novelist, but who's counting? (There's a story behind every glory!)

P.S. If you haven't yet read my award-winning novel, I mean, what else are you waiting for? It is riddled with ancient Egyptian tidbits, romance, suspense, mystery, and every chapter opens with an original short poem. (Because, I'm also a prize-winning poet, and poetry is my love language.) So order your copy in ebook, paperback or hardcover on Amazon:

You can also check out the five-star book reviews on Amazon, Goodreads & Bookbub and you're welcome to follow my author profile on all three platforms, or connect with me on my website:

I'm excited about my upcoming book projects both as an author and as an indie publisher of books that inspire faith, hope, and love!

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