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Eloquent Expressions

A beautiful blend of inspired words and enchanting music, custom-designed to evoke the magic of your moment, and capture the essence of your event, that's what we call an eloquent expression.

We specialize in creating captivating, custom content, ultimately delivering the perfect expression to make any occasion a special one. Eloquent expressions come in diverse artistic packages, but they all have one thing in common: each is a one-of-a-kind poetic masterpiece, meticulously crafted by an award-winning wordsmith.

There's always a story; we'll make yours unforgettable!


The performance was completely captivating, as always... Her artistic attention to detail is mind-blowing, effortless eloquence breathtaking, and she never fails to leave an audience wowed and inspired!

Valentine C. Ozigbo

Non-Executive Director & Former President Transcorp Group

Eloquent Expressions by Lady I.

Eloquent Expressions by Lady I.

Eloquent Expressions by Lady I.
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The Highest Price Love Ever Paid

The Highest Price Love Ever Paid

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My Utmost Delight - The opening poem from Voices of Lament

My Utmost Delight - The opening poem from Voices of Lament

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The Giant of Africa

The Giant of Africa

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All yours, always!

All yours, always!

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Choose Your Preferred Package

Silver Sentiment, Golden vision, or Platinum Performance?

You have a vision for your special day and a story you want to share. It's our job to make your story unique and unforgettable.

Simply let us know which of our three precious packages below works best for you.

For further inquiries, contact us.

Hand Writing

Silver Sentiment

Lyrical Mastery

Carefully-crafted poetic masterpieces, on any subject, in any creative style:
A touching tribute. A great slogan. Heart-warming wedding vows. An amazing advertisement. Catchy song lyrics. A terrific toast. An impressive pitch. A graceful eulogy. An inspiring speech.
We'll capture your sentiments, uniquely.

Golden Visions

Picturesque Presentation

Let's take your silver sentiments from a small script to the big screen. Blending captivating images with an epic soundtrack, our golden vision will make you the star of your very own show.

Wedding Embrace

Platinum Performance

Branding meets Broadway

Add the 'wow-factor' to your event, with a breath-taking live performance, custom-designed to bring your story to life. Whether you need a softly-spoken solo act, or spectacular musical theatrics, prize-winning performer Lady InspiroLogos, will deliver a platinum performance sure to showcase your silver sentiment in living color!

The Crowd Favorites

Highlights of our most captivating custom creations

Bride and Groom
VCO-Birthday-LOGO-picked (1).jpg
African Village
Rwandan Children
Pretty Garden

Tale of Two Gardens

Inspirational Children's Story

Platinum performance on the biblical theme of the fall and redemption of mankind. The first of three custom stories created and performed for Cornerstone Church's 3-day Epic Vacation Bible School 2018


Totally Time to Say Goodbye

Corporate Retirement Dinner Tribute

Platinum performance in honor of three retiring executives of the oil & gas corporation Total E&P Nigeria, performed at the company's farewell dinner party.

Not Far Away From You

Charity Fundraising Anthem

Platinum performance depicting the needs of the less-privileged. Originally performed as a guest artist feature on the award-winning TV comedy series 'Superstory: Another Chance' by WAPTV (Wale Adenuga Productions)

Until We Find You

Anti-Terrorism Tribute (to abducted Chibok Girls)

Platinum performance capturing the Nigerian national sentiment at the abduction of over 200 Chibok school girls, by the Boko Haram terrorist group. Originally the opening performance at the cultural soiree of the World Economic Forum on Africa 2014.

The Giant of Africa

A National Song

Patriotic tribute to Nigeria as originally performed at the World Economic Forum on Africa 2014.

Voices of the Victims

Presidential Fundraising Campaign Song

Platinum performance. A plea shining light on the plight of victims of the 2012 Nigerian national flood disasters; as performed during the emergency Presidential Flood Relief fundraising dinner, at the Presidential Villa, Aso Rock, Abuja.

The VCO Story

A Golden Vision for a Golden Jubilee

This eloquent expression combines the elements of our platinum performances and our golden visions to create a unique 50th birthday tribute to a distinguished client, in the covid-19, work-from-home season.

All Yours, Always!

Wedding Poem

Platinum performance for the unity candle ceremony of a wedding. The poem was originally delivered as a live performance, and subsequently converted into a golden vision (video).


All rights reserved. No part of any of the above publications are to be used without permission. Violators will be prosecuted.

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