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Ifueko Fex Ogbomo is a wordsmith who loves great stories and is absolutely in love with the greatest storyteller of all time: Jesus Christ.

A celebrated poet and performing artist, she often goes by her alias “Lady InspiroLogos” and is best known for writing and performing custom content for themed events. The first female two-time winner of the Abuja Literary Society’s poetry slam championship, her inspiring, original artistry led her to become a two-time guest artist at the World Economic Forum on Africa (2013, 2014), and a three-time guest poet at the Nigerian Economic Summit (2012, 2013, 2014). Giving voice to victims of both natural disasters and terrorism earned her presidential commendation from Nigeria’s former president Goodluck E. Jonathan (2012). She may have stood before world leaders, but her favorite audiences remain those filled with bright-eyed, eager-minded innocents.

A classically-trained vocalist, Ifueko graduated summa cum laude, with a BA Honors (music, with a minor in computer science) from Texas Lutheran University (2003). While in college, she won the Pacesetter Award for Academic Excellence, joined the Alpha Chi National Honor Society, was a senator in the student government association, and let her inner thespian out as one of a five-woman cast of the play, Waiting For Godot. Much to her delight, she was invited back to her alma mater as the inaugural speaker of the TLU Cullinane Social Entrepreneurship series (2016).

A Nigerian immigrant, Ifueko received the prestigious classification of “Alien of Extraordinary Ability in the Arts” by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services in 2017 and was awarded permanent US residency the same year.

A speaker, activist, and author, Ifueko is passionate about using storytelling to share the gospel (especially with children), and to create awareness on the most common genetic disorder: sickle cell anemia. Yellow Eyes Gone White!, her first book, is a faith-inspiring memoir that details her own tumultuous, but victorious battle with the disease.

Although multilingual, Ifueko thinks, writes, and dreams in her first language: English. The last of three children born to a military father and a globetrotting, fashion-designer mother, Ifueko has visited four continents and known many “homes.” She currently divides her time between USA and Nigeria. INFJ on the Myers-Briggs scale, she enjoys creative expression, the arts, African fashion, gluten-free dining, and exotic destinations, but nothing beats a quiet day flying through the pages of a Christian romance (while snacking on plantain chips).

Whether through stories, sonnets, or songs, Ifueko’s lifelong mission is “to inspire, with words.”

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"Pain can become gain if you can see past it; pain will become gain when you endure through it, get over it, and show others how to do the same."

Lady InspiroLogos - Yellow Eyes Gone White!




Yellow Eyes Gone White!

Dorrance Publishing (2012)

Ifueko's first published book,Yellow Eyes Gone White! is a memoir; her inspiring journey of triumph over sickle cell disease. Ifueko was diagnosed with the lifelong, genetic blood disorder as early as 9 months old. In her witty, conversational fashion, she shares her trials, tragedies, and faith-fuelled triumphs battling the chronic condition for over 3 decades. 

The book was published using her alias Lady InspiroLogos.

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Ifueko's Favorite Things

Yellow fish




Fun Facts


Birth story

February 18, 1980. 
Ifueko was born in Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria, as the last of three children. Born by an emergency C.S., her mother was cut so deeply, Ifueko was also cut in the womb; she still bears the thin, finger-length scar on her right side to this day!

Book Worm

As a teenager, Ifueko was a part-time school librarian and used to read as many as 4 novels a day! The Famous Five collection by Enid Blyton was her favorite childhood series.

She was introduced to Christian romance when she read Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers; it remains her all-time favorite novel!

Fun Jobs

Ifueko has previously worked as a radio presenter, a salsa dance instructor, and a model scout! But her very first job began at age 14; as a model and fashion designer for her mom's former fashion house. She designed most of her own clothes from then on, and considers her fashion a personal form of creative expression.

Rare Personality

Ifueko is INFJ-T on the Myers-Briggs Scale (the rarest of the 16 personalities). Having the gift-of-the-gab, she is often mistaken for an extrovert, but is a hard-core introvert! She also recently discovered she has Asperger's Syndrome, and suddenly, her uncommon blend of genius, eccentricity, and sensitivity made sense!

Globe Trotter

Ifueko has visited 4 out of the 7 continents. She looks forward to visiting Latin America and Australia but the icy Antartica, not so much! Brrrr!

Super woman?

The United States Citizen & Immigration Services classified Ifueko as an 'Alien of Extraordinary Ability' in the arts, and granted her permanent US residency (2017). While the honor was most welcome, the title itself made her wonder if the mothership would come for her at any moment!

Teen Sensation

After a passionate and rather lengthy public speech, flawlessly delivered from memory, Ifueko watched an entire congregation rise to its feet in rapturous applause; her recitation was the talk of the church for years to come. It was her first standing ovation for oratory; she was 14.

Musical Geek

Ifueko originally went to college to study computer science, but her hatred for programming and love for singing inspired a change of her major to Music mid-sophomore year. A straight-A student, the only B she got in 4 years of study was in choral conducting! Thankfully, it did not prevent her from graduating summa cum laude! 

Presidential Commendation

With only 4 days notice, Ifueko composed, produced, and performed a musical tribute giving voice to victims of a national flood disaster for which she received Presidential commendation from Nigeria’s former president, Goodluck E. Jonathan (2012).

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