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Stars by Stripes



One glance at the sky

And they’re plain to see

Since the fourth day of creation

Those little lights have riddled dark skies

Brilliant balls of incandescence

Each unique in its resplendence

Alas none has ever been or will ever be

As radiant as the famously foretold star

That shone thousands of nights ago

The one the entire host of heaven heralded

And the elements of creation anticipated

The one that a wicked king dreaded

And three astute astrologers sighted

The star that signaled the birth of a babe

A Sovereign; born in a stable

A Son; born of a virgin

The immortal One who embraced mortality

So that mere mortals could attain immortality

The eternal One that died temporarily

So that temporal ones could live eternally

The sinless man who bore all sin

So all sinners could become saints

The flawless man who was disfigured

As the cat-o-nine tails ripped his flesh from his bones

And lash after deadly lash

Left scar after ghastly scar



One glance at the Son

And they’re plain to see

Since the dark day of crucifixion

Those unsightly scars have marred the Savior

Inflicted by exactly 39 lashes

A number that's no accident

See, the Greatest Physician foreknew every single source of infirmity

Ages before doctors numbered exactly 39 root causes of all disease

That precise punishment of the Father’s only begotten Son

Was the perfect provision for all His beloved, adopted children

The resurrected Savior still humbly bears a broken body

Evidence that diseased humanity may freely get divine health

His hurting purchased our healing

His punishing bought our peace

His bleeding brought us blessing

His wounding makes us whole

O what joy, He saves us then sets us free

To shine as little lights in a dark world

Stars, illuminating the splendor of the Son

Simply by our everyday, inexplicable existence

Celebrating independence from the flesh

Embracing dependence on the Sprit

We need never again fear enslavement

For whom the Son frees is free indeed!

We now gratefully enjoy our limitless liberty

Having become stars by His stripes!

Happy 4th of July! P.S. Watch my live performance of Stars by Stripes in this video!

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