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Meet Miss 'Quito!

You can never laugh too many times in one day! 'A merry heart does good like medicine' - King Solomon (Proverbs 17:22). Now we all know life is not a bed of roses, (if you didn’t know that, just keep living!). This has led me to conclude that merriness of heart has more to do with perception than actual circumstances. If you look hard enough, you’ll find something to smile about even in circumstances or people that seem completely negative! Let me give you a personal example: I think mosquitoes are the most insufferable creatures, they’ve caused me hours, days and weeks of misery, contracting malaria inummerable times, and I’d no sooner be rid of the lot of them!!! Nonetheless, many years ago, I took a closer look at mosquitoes, and thanks to my hyperactive imagination, I found something to make me smile, and as usual, found a poetic way to say it.

Here goes:

Miss 'Quito fancies herself to be, the fairest and most fortunate of all creation She is delicate in frame, yet wherever she goes, she commands undivided attention She has the most sonorous of voices, for whenever she sings, fervent clapping begins She is skilled in her art, yet so soft in her touch, and treats great and small the same She hails from a prestigious lineage indeed; her ancestral accomplishments are world-renown Thousands of books, documentaries and even songs, celebrate the Mosquito family name

The rich and poor, the young and old, all have felt her unmistakable impact She’s the talk of the town and it’s a well known fact that her favourite colour is RED! A celebrity, no doubt Miss 'Quito is, but she knows not to believe all the press She’s aware of her many enemies, green with envy they wish she was dead So she tries to remain down to earth, often retreating to still waters and quiet halls And she keeps away from the noisy crowds, preferring the company of one instead

After an all-day beauty sleep, she awakens at sunset, and carefully plans her night So much to do and so little time, such a hassle for one is as diligent as she But all work and no play will ruin Miss 'Quito’s day, and no one can play alone So she must find herself a lucky man, yes, she’ll surprise him with a visit at home Having groomed with utmost care, and dressed to kill, she’s off on her evening quest No need to call in advance, experience has proved, she is always a welcome guest The man may play hard to get, but he’ll doubtless lie still, feigning sleep while awaiting her piercing kiss She will swiftly oblige, and if he is receptive, also present him her famously fatal gift Of course she knows what’s next – the lucky devil abruptly ‘re-awakens’ shouting for joy He’ll never say so, but He’s obviously pleased for he’s up on his feet, dancing around like a little boy Mission accomplished, Miss 'Quito gracefully heads home, her sense of self-satisfaction unequalled She’s absolutely certain her sweet songs and unforgettable kisses, will again be warmly welcomed!

Originally written in 2009.

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