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Don't Make Fun of my Yellow Eyes!

I have two eyes, just like you do So what if they’re sometimes a yellowish hue? They see just as clearly, and water just as freely As yours, they open and shut just as quickly Don’t make fun of my yellow eyes I’m not a lesser being, please realize My cells may sickle and cause me pains But the same red blood flows in my veins Your limbs may be stronger, mine are longer Thus my embrace wider and my reach farther My heart may beat faster but that’s no disaster The fact that it beats is the heart of the matter You may choose to label me ‘sickling Or call me a sad, sorry weakling A shame indeed, for it takes great strength To fight daily battles that span life’s length To face a disease that you’d rather deny To choose to live when it seems easier to die But to do all that and surpass the norm By constantly ranking top of the form Is a feat that’s worthy of great applause Not something to gloss over with nary a pause To smile while I run a difficult race Can only be done by a divine grace If we traded places, you just might find A walk in my shoes makes life unkind So don’t make fun of my yellow eyes Gaze into them, and you’d be surprised At the beauty beneath the seeming flaws Of my eyes, which are as priceless as yours!

Happy #WorldSickleCellDay to all survivors and those who love us!

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